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... for architects and planners

The architectural design of a building and the coordination with the building owners and trades require your full attention.

To help you focus your attention on the important issues in planning and implementation a construction project, you can simply rely on the PRIX box. With it you can easily plan special solutions, large window areas, corner solutions, safety curtains or a combination of different curtains.

The PRIX roller shutter box is available for integration into the carcass as a built-in box, as well as for installation together with the window as a top box.

You get an optimal solution in timber construction with the PRIX ECO LINE, which has been specially developed for timber construction.


  • Excellent heat and sound insulation
  • Proven sandwich construction
  • High stability with low dead weight
  • Durable and reliable, proven for decades
  • Easy to install
  • Large rolling room for high and heavy hangings and large window areas
  • Flexible construction offers a solution for most installation situations already in the standard version. For all others an individual solution can be realised.
  • Special solution for ETICS and clinker available

One solution for all requirements

The PRIX product lines are available as roller shutter boxes and as external blind boxes:

CLASSIC LINE - the proven Built-in boxes
CLASSIC LINE ZB -the tried and tested built-in box with brick panel
FLEX LINE - the Built-in boxes especially for clinker masonry

PRO LINE C - the add-on box Click to snap on
PRO LINE S - the top box Slide

ECO LINE - especially for timber house construction