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You are planning a new building or want to renovate your house?

The box in which the roller shutters or venetian blinds are installed in the house seems to be an unimportant question for many building owners. Many other decisions demand attention and the box usually disappears invisibly into the wall. The effect, however, remains noticeable for the next decades.

No matter whether you are planning a house made of wood or even in ecological construction, whether you are building regular walls or clinker brickwork - with PRIX you will find the right roller shutter or external blind box for integration in new buildings.
PRIX also offers you the right solution if you are renovating or want to integrate a top box together with the window in a new building.

The advantages of PRIX as roller shutter box or external blind box:

  • Excellent heat and sound insulation
  • Long-term protection of the insulation against insect damage
  • Large rolling space or external blind shaft
  • Unique stability through sandwich construction
  • Maintenance-friendly construction, in case something needs to be repaired on the roller shutter or venetian blind
  • Installation is quick and easy without a crane

Due to the flexibility of the construction, PRIX boxes can be adapted to almost any constructional situation and are therefore ideally suited to realise even sophisticated architectural special solutions. Even the combination of external venetian blinds, roller shutters and textile sun protection solutions in one building, paired with integrated insect protection, is no problem.

Ask the PRIX specialist partner in your area or contact us directly.

One solution for all requirements

The PRIX product lines are available as roller shutter boxes and as external blind boxes:

CLASSIC LINE - the proven Built-in boxes
CLASSIC LINE ZB -the tried and tested built-in box with brick panel
FLEX LINE - the Built-in boxes especially for clinker masonry

PRO LINE C - the add-on box Click to snap on
PRO LINE S - the top box Slide

ECO LINE - especially for timber house construction