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... for window manufacturers

The punctual delivery and problem-free installation of the windows are your core business?

So that you can keep your focus on your core business, you can rely on PRIX as a partner at eye level. On request, we supply roller shutter boxes as bar stock for your own assembly or ready-made roller shutter boxes and external blind box systems for mounting on the window.
Various box systems are available depending on your requirements. On request, we can also effortlessly implement special solutions for you.

Advantages of PRIX roller shutter and external blind boxes are:

  • Easy to install and therefore quick and uncomplicated to mount on the window
  • They offer excellent thermal and sound insulation
  • The proven sandwich construction offers high stability with low weight
  • Graduated statics concept
  • Own solution for WDVS and clinker
  • Insect protection easily integrated
  • Large selection of high-quality components (motors, hangings) for long-lasting and reliable use
  • Large rolling space or external blind shaft
  • Clip-on system cover for internal revision
  • Flexible construction already offers a solution for most installation situations in the standard version.

One solution for all requirements

The PRIX product lines are available as roller shutter boxes and as external blind boxes:

CLASSIC LINE - the proven Built-in boxes
CLASSIC LINE ZB -the tried and tested built-in box with brick panel
FLEX LINE - the Built-in boxes especially for clinker masonry

PRO LINE C - the add-on box Click to snap on
PRO LINE S - the top box Slide

ECO LINE - especially for timber house construction