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Add-on boxes of the SOLID LINE

for special requirements on stability and thermal insulation

  • Unique PRIX sandwich construction for high stability at low weight
  • New, heavy-duty and low-torsion head pieces for high loads and smooth running of the curtain
  • Excellent thermal insulation with insulating materials made of Neopor or PUR thus exceeds all requirements of the latest directives and standards
  • Excellent sound insulation (up to sound insulation class 5)
  • Easy positioning on the window with the help of fixing stems
  • Special plaster claw coating
  • Also ideal for renovating old buildings

Wide range of equipment options

  • High quality hangings as roller shutters, external blinds or textile screens
  • Drive as standard with reliable and durable motors from Rojaflex, alternatively Somfy, or with belt or crank drive
  • Large selection of guide rails made of plastic or aluminium
  • Structural elements for reinforcing the frame or for transferring loads from the window into the lintel
  • Additional insulation wedges for further optimisation of thermal insulation or for textile screens
  • Extended end rail on the outside to extend the outer apron of external venetian blinds

All SOLID LINE add-on boxes are available as

  • Complete element with drive and curtain (roller shutter, venetian blind, textile screen)
  • preassembled kit cut to the desired length
  • Bar stock in 5.50 m length with all accessories for your own packaging