The innovative box system made of renewable raw materials especially for timber house construction


Rammingen, 05/2020 – After the big Success in Germany PRIX now also presents the ÖKO LINE in Italy box system and thus sets an example for the increased use of ecologically sustainable materials in construction.

The innovative box system is available as a built-in box with lateral support, as a top box for mounting on the window and as a front box for integration into the insulation level.

·         High-quality box system especially for timber house construction

·         Made completely from renewable raw materials

·         Excellent building biology properties

·         Excellent heat and sound insulation

·         Many variants for different installation situations

·         Available as bar stock, ready made up or as a complete element

Die nachhaltige Alternative

The specially designed for the use PRIX ECO LINE, developed in the timber house, combines the PRIX sandwich construction made of organic hardboard, which has been tried and tested for decades, with insulation made of soft wood fibre. Thus the boxes of the ECO LINE are completely made of environmentally friendly renewable raw materials.

ECO LINE products

PRIX ECO LINE roller shutter box

PRIX ECO LINE: Front-mounted boxes

PRIX ECO LINE: Roller shutter boxes

Eco without renunciation

Not only from ecological view, the use of the PRIX ÖKO LINE has numerous advantages.

Like all PRIX boxes the ECO LINE box system is extraordinarily stable and very easy to mount.

It is characterized by a excellent thermal insulation. The same applies to sound insulation, which from the closed construction and the excellent Sound insulation properties of the softwood fibre insulation boards used profits.

The organic hardboard protect the insulation against damage during installation and insect infestation. The Insulation properties are thus preserved for decades.

ECO LINE products






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