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... for timber house builders

In timber house construction the requirements are different from those of conventional masonry. PRIX has developed the ECO LINE with specially adapted cross-sections especially for this purpose. It combines the sandwich construction of two bio hard fibre boards, which has been tried and tested for decades, with insulation made of soft wood fibre. This means that the PRIX ECO LINE boxes are made completely from renewable raw materials.

We offer a suitable solution for the most diverse constructions, whether in solid wood construction or in timber frame construction.

  • Integration into the wooden frame construction as an installation box with support (with or without installation level)
  • Integration into the insulation level as a front-mounted external venetian blind
  • Mounting on the window and joint integration into the finished wall - as a top box


One solution for all requirements

The PRIX product lines are available as roller shutter boxes and as external blind boxes:

CLASSIC LINE - the proven Built-in boxes
CLASSIC LINE ZB -the tried and tested built-in box with brick panel
FLEX LINE - the Built-in boxes especially for clinker masonry

PRO LINE C - the add-on box Click to snap on
PRO LINE S - the top box Slide

ECO LINE - especially for timber house construction